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SA2014-010 Bitumen sprayed onto face of truck driver
SA2014-009 Reversing paver struck roller
SA2013-007 Uncontrolled Buggy Movement
SA2013-006 Man struck on back of legs by portable light tower
SA2013-005 Contact to person between roller and paver
SA2013-004 Nuclear guage run over by roller
SA2013-003 Road roller reverse travel
SA2013-002 Uncontrolled truck stop
SA2013-001 Foot wedged under paver hopper
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AAPA has prepared these Red & Safety Alerts from industry information, alerts and incident reports to provide
assistance to members and the public in general.  The Alerts are reference points and should be combined with other
information sources, relevant government legislation and other industry related materials in risk and hazard
identification and in developing safety practices, policies and procedures.
Bitumen sprayed onto face of truck driver
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