Contractor faints after working in dryer

A contractor was undertaking hot work in the dryer of the Plant for the majority of the day, with breaks taken. After exiting the
dryer at end of work, the contractor fainted when walking back to the work shed.
Operator falls off float injuring shoulder

After completion of work at Peppertree Quarry, the operator has driven the combination roller onto the float, with a second
crew member spotting for him. While exiting the roller, the operator has slipped off and fallen onto the ground below.
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Stopping plant runaway

A Case 590 backhoe working on a construction project was left unattended. It rolled backwards about 5m, hitting temporary
fencing and coming to rest against a roll of subsoil pipe.
Truck loss of control

An unladen Boral tandem axle tipper was travelling along on the South-East freeway.  In the left lane a B-Double was traveling
at around 40kph. As the tipper passed the rear of the B-Double, the rear drive tyres of the tipper lost traction with the road
surface causing the rear of the truck to slide out of control. Heavy contact was made between the rear passenger side of the
tipper and the rear driver’s side of the B-Double.
Finger injury from unprotected hazard

Electrical was drilling a 4mm hole through a stainless steel cover, the operators hand moved and caught the edge of the cover.
Bobcat bucket detachment

bucket was raised to the limit or its reach, the bucket has come off the bobcat attachment arm. Bucket A bobcat was finishing
loading Asphalt mix from the ground to a Semi truck, on the final load while the has landed on the roof of the bobcat cab pulled
the hydraulic next to the bobcat.
Tipper body fell over

Contracting truck driver collected profiling from Contracting crew site, and travelled to the customer stockpile area
(approximately 7 km). The driver commenced tipping and when the body was two thirds of the way up, the driver heard
cracking sound behind the cabin. The body has fallen over onto its right
hand side still attached at the hinge point, with the cabin remaining upright. No pedestrians were in the vicinity of the incident
Contractor enters plant exclusion zone without authority

During asphalt rolling activities, a stationery roller parked on an incline, rolled backward coming within 500mm of another
contract employee.
Worker received cut to finger due to gloves not work

The worker was in a roof space installing internal cables when he placed his hand on the rafter to stablise himself. The worker
then slid his hand along the rafter when his finger came into contact with the exposed gang rails.
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Haulier sprayed on face, neck and body

A haulier had finished pumping bitumen tfrom a bitumen tanker to another stationary tanker and had started to blow air back
through the line, prior to flushin when a small rubber hose burst and sprayed bitumen into the face, neck and body of the
Employee uses ladder to clean blockages on grizzly bar

Employee was observed using a ladder to clean blockages on the grizzly bar (bars used to stop oversize rock/contamination)
next to an unguarded operating conveyor belt and drive pulley inside fenced exclusion zone.
Bitumen leak on sprayer truck

Bitumen was being heated for spraying. The sprayer driver noticed fumes coming from flue on spray truck.
It was identified that there was bitumen coming from the lower burner tube.
Incident 1 - Welds broken on trailer
Several welds broken on the ramp where the hydraulic arm is mounted.

Incident 2 - Hydraulic mount sheared off
Whilst lifting the offside ramp, the hydraulic mount has sheared off.
At the end of an asphalt paving shift on the Pacific Hwy, a Boral Bobcat bucket was clipped by the front
tyre of a B Double truck. The Bobcat operator was attempting to move the bobcat to a machinery parking
area and has entered a live lane of traffic.
While a contractor was oxy cutting the channel off a screed side plate that had been removed for repair
from paver NPV105 a line marking spray can, which had been slid inside the channel by person unknown,  
exploded, projecting the can lid out of the hot work area. Other workers inside the workshop heard the
explosion and went to investigate and ensure contractor was unharmed.  
After tipping a load of hot mix into the paver, a contractor truck driver was directed forward by the
Coloured Vest Traffic Controller (spotter).The driver then stopped to fully raised his hoist to clear the
body, and proceeded to drive forward with the hoist still raised, and has contacted and broken an
overhead powerline. This movement was without the authorisation of the CVTC, and yellow cones
were in place on site to indicate the presence of overhead powerlines.
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