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AAPA has for more than 20 years sought to bridge the gap between research and practice and actively
exposing its members, road agency staff and consultants to new and innovative technologies throughout the
rest of the world though it’s biannual study tour program.  We travel to the US in October this year and will again
expose pavement designers, construction engineers and policy makers to new and innovative tools and
techniques that will benefit Australia.
  • Best practice and safer construction works
  • Government decision making for road infrastructure
  • Innovation and sustainable pavement solutions for
  • Recycling of rigid pavements and replacement with full
    depth Asphalt
Places to visit
Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Washington DC, Alabama and
Key Theme no.1
Best practice and safer construction works: exposure to
actual construction works and measures promoting safer
construction.  Will include the equipment and facilities to
achieve improved delivery and the safety standards
used. At construction projects members will see in action
the latest techniques in asphalt placement and
compaction including the process to remove rigid
pavements and replace with full depth asphalt.
Advances in pavement design through innovative and
sustainable solutions
: including attendance at the
International Conference on Perpetual Pavements in
Ohio where the Australian Perpetual Pavements
pavement design MEPDG systems will be undertaken at
FHWA, NCAT and Caltrans. Innovation and sustainable
solutions will cover product and system development
through the use of Accelerated Pavement Testing
devices and promoting the adoption of innovative and
cost reducing pavement materials and surfacing
Operational plan
The Australian International Knowledge Transfer in 2014
program will be over two weeks in the USA.

Week one will see visits to USA States on safer
construction and best practice, reviewing performance of
long life pavements including the International
Conference on Perpetual Pavements in Ohio.

Week two addresses the innovations able to be
translated into practice for Australian conditions during
visits to Washington, Alabama and California where there
will be meetings with FHWA, NCAT and UC Davis /
Caltrans. There will also be opportunities to hear from
and speak to policy makers in the road infrastructure
Fixed price lump sum amount of  $15 000 incl GST, with a limited number of AAPA study grants available.  
This price covers economy air travel, ground travel, single rooms, conference registration, meals and
refreshments and meeting costs.
Provisional travel plans
Tour details are currently being finalized with US highway agencies to fix the dates for access. A final
program will be available in the coming weeks and will reflect the plan shown below.
What to do now:
Contact the organizer Rob Vos at to register your interest in being part of the
visiting group. There are limited numbers available and places will be allocated on a first in basis. A web link is
being established which will be announced on the AAPA site which will contain the latest
information and provide potential delegates with access to the planning and reference materials.
From January 2015 this site will not be updated and is only retained as an ARCHIVE.
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