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AAPA Q TMR Harmonization - asphalt spec
Mark Taylor, George Theoharous, Richard Pearson, Adrian Grbac, Bevan
Painter, Jason Williams, Hamish Troutbeck, Glenn Ducat
  • Traffic Mangement - controllers | reversing
  • Mobile plant operations
  • Physical capability
  • Working from heights
  • Bitumen - burns | explosions | fuming
  • Electricity - proximity

Current Projects
  1. Traffic accommodation around road worksites
  1. Design of road worksites for traffic accommodation
  2. Proposal to TMR for aveneues for change
  3. Development & implementaion of changes
  4. Deliver report findings across Queensland
  1. Decongestion of worksites
  1. Removal of need for sprayed eal of interlayers
  2. Acceptance of alternate construction methodology
  1. Night work visibility
  1. Training aids for use of biomotion marked clothing
  2. Impement standards for night work visibility
  1. Traffic management audit process
  1. Overall assessment of standards & training opportunities
  2. Site awareness training & onsite audit / check lists
  3. Improved use of visiual aids
  1. AAPA endorsing "red alerts" of members
  1. Review and selection of suitable format & distribution
  2. Delivery of Alerts system
  1. Construction industry attitude to drugs and alcohol policy
  1. Summarise current member policies
  2. Development of AAPA Queensland position
updated 2014-04-21
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From January 2015 this site will not be updated and is only retained as an ARCHIVE.
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